ABOUT Glassman Consultants, LLC

Glassman Consultants, LLC is a fast-growing international investment company based in New York. Glassman Consultants, LLC focuses on businesses with considerable development potential, for instance orphan and non-performing assets from large conglomerates, ensuring with its entrepreneurial support a sustainable and profitable future for the respective companies.

Our investment is not limited to capital. Glassman Consultants, LLC supports as a proactive partner of management to ensure that businesses can draw on sustainable, long-term benefits from our operational experience. We aim to enable businesses to operate independently by providing the best possible strategy for their needs. In certain cases, we also pursue buy-and-build and consolidation strategies, creating new groups from individual business units.


Since its establishment in 2008, Glassman Consultants, LLC has acquired a wide range of companies and business areas from leading global corporations. For future development of its portfolio companies as well as to enable new acquisitions. We are one of the most active investors in the industry with a total of 22 completed transactions since 2014. We specialize in acquiring and partnering with businesses that can benefit from our operational experience. These are primarily complex group spin-offs and enterprises with significant growth potential and sales.


We make investment decisions on a pragmatic and constructive basis following rapid but thorough analysis to ensure an efficient and professional procedure for all parties involved. The businesses benefit from a responsible optimisation process, while sellers are granted maximum transaction security. A number of groups have already sold us business segments on repeated occasions, which illustrates sellers’ faith in our approach.